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Curing begins with a Caring Heart

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Larry Mackay

Curing begins with Caring

Founder and President Larry Mackay’s best friend, Ray Branscom, died of stage 4 Melanoma at the age of 38. For 11 months Larry searched for a cure for Ray’s cancer. Larry traveled to Mexico to visit some cancer treatment programs that practiced alternative and integrative therapies.  It was too late for Ray as he had waited too long to seek an alternative treatment. Ray only lasted 11 months and died a horrifying, painful death.

As a result Larry decided to set up a charity to help and educate people about cancer. Because traditional medicine couldn’t save Ray, Larry focused his charity to educate people about integrative and alternative cancer therapies. Larry has set up cancer charities in the Philippines and England to help people with cancer. The main integrative program of support is Oasis of Hope hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. For over 60 years Oasis of Hope has been doing research and curing cancer patients. Cancer Aid and Research fund has been supporting Oasis of Hope for over 25 years.